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What it Means When You Suffer a Torn Meniscus in Your Knee From an Accident

One of the most common parts of the body badly injured in an accident are the knees.  Injuries to one or both knees occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents, trip or slip and fall accidents and sporting accidents. Knee injuries can be debilitating, as the knee is a joint that is needed in […]

California Dreaming Can Become a Nightmare

A driver of a truck fell asleep at the wheel while driving from California to Colorado, killing his four relatives who were passengers. The accident occurred on I-70 in Salina, Utah when the truck swerved across lanes of traffic and rolled off the shoulder of the road, ejecting the passengers who were not wearing seatbelts. […]

Sometimes Minor Injuries Can Cause Major Pain

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD) is a nervous system disease. RSD can develop from a traumatic physical event, such as a motor vehicle accident. It can also be triggered by non-traumatic soft tissue injuries, like sprains, burns, strains or tears where there is no obvious nerve injury. Symptoms of RSD are nonstop, extreme pain — […]

When Bigger Meets Smaller on the Road

California authorities are still investigating a fatal collision between a tractor-trailer and a much smaller pickup truck that took place in Southern California in late April. The accident killed the pickup truck’s front seat passenger. The tragic accident took place when the tractor-trailer was traveling towards an intersection. Early reports show that the pickup truck […]

Researchers Optimistic About New Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries

After a federal clinical trial was approved in 2012, doctors at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis performed their first human cell transplant with a spinal cord injury patient. The transplant was the first of eight scheduled procedures. The second procedure has already commenced. Doctors harvested Schwann cells from nerve tissue in the patient’s leg, […]

Motorcycle FAQs

A fatal crash involving former Ms. magazine editor Mary Thom highlights the perils bikers face on the road. A longtime motorcyclist, Ms. Thom, 68, was hit by a car and died at the scene. Motorcyclists are demonstrably more vulnerable to serious injuries — like head and spinal cord injuries — than drivers of closed vehicles.  […]

Who is Responsible in a Bicycle Accident Case?

Higher fuel costs have forced more Californians to exchange their gas-guzzling cars for bicycles on the road. Unfortunately, this may increase the risk of bicycle accidents, which are are some of the most dangerous incidents on California roadways. Bicyclists, unprotected by the safety devices car drivers have, often suffer a disproportionate and underreported amount of […]

What to Do After a Slip and Fall

Contrary to some popular perception, a slip and fall accident can hurt more than just your pride. Slip and falls are a leading cause of injuries, sometimes resulting in death or serious harm. Whether you are inside a store, office or apartment, or on government property, a slip and fall accident can result in sky-high […]


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