Innocent Riders

We usually talk about car accidents in a straightforward way.  From exchanging insurance information to figuring out who is at fault.  However, what if you are a  passenger who is hurt in a car accident?  You obviously cannot be held liable as the driver can be (unless you were distracting the driver), but what steps should you take to receive compensation for the injuries you sustained?  What factors can affect whose insurance should cover you?

If you have been injured in a car accident in which you were the passenger, there are two crucial steps to take in order to pursue legal action and obtain the money you are due.  First, get your own copy of the police report.  Do not trust the insurance companies to fill you in on the details of the investigation into the accident.  The insurance companies do not want to help you with your bills and they are not a trustworthy source of information.  Second, you should speak with a lawyer about interpreting the report and determining the proper course of action.  Depending on who was at fault, how much your own insurance will cover, how much insurance each driver has, and several other variables, you may sue one or both of the drivers’ insurance companies.

Many people worry about suing their friend or relative who was driving. They don’t want to create hardships for people they care about.  Always remember, though, that you are not suing your friend/relative, you are suing his insurance company in order to mitigate the cost of injuries that were not your fault.  Remember that an experienced personal injury attorney will be sure to pursue your claims against all responsible parties.

With such high stakes at risk and such a nuanced situation to navigate, it is best to have an experienced lawyer by your side.  When you are battling insurance companies, who will do anything to get out of giving you money, you need an experienced injury lawyer on your side who will look out for your needs when nobody else will.

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