Motorcycle Fatalities Rise Across the Nation

We talked earlier about how the profile and handling ability of a motorcycle makes the vehicles inherently dangerous. Despite that danger, the ride and freedom offered by a motorcycle is unequaled. And each year, more people are considering using motorcycles to reduce their costs of transportation.

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), motorcycle fatalities rose again in 2012. Despite decreasing numbers of automobile fatalities on highways across the country, motorcycle deaths continue to rise. In 2012, more than 5,000 motorcyclists were killed, a nine percent increase from 2011.

The GHSA suggests various reasons for the upswing in fatalities:

  • Slightly warmer weather in states that usually experience colder temperatures could have increased the number of bikers on roads. In the survey conducted by the GHSA, all but one state that reported higher-than-average temperatures also saw an increase in motorcycle fatalities. Better weather means better riding conditions.
  • In states that experienced improved economic conditions, there were more motorcycle fatalities. Notably, the economy in California did not improve, and motorcycle fatalities did not increase.
  • Gas prices are also considered a factor in the rate of motorcycle accidents. As gas prices rise, people turn to motorcycles to save money.

The GHSA also reported that the increased motorcycle training available in California may have worked to decrease motorcycle fatalities in our state.

If you ride, wear a helmet, stay visible, obtain training to handle your bike safely and assume motorists do not see you. If you are injured, seek medical care immediately, then speak with an experienced motorcycle injury attorney in California.

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