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What is Dram Shop Law?

Summer holiday weekends, like Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend, are always popular times for barbecues and other events. Unfortunately, they are also times when more drunk drivers are on the road. For California bars and restaurants, this is usually a great weekend for business, justifying the expense of a full liquor license […]

What to Do After a Slip and Fall

Contrary to some popular perception, a slip and fall accident can hurt more than just your pride. Slip and falls are a leading cause of injuries, sometimes resulting in death or serious harm. Whether you are inside a store, office or apartment, or on government property, a slip and fall accident can result in sky-high […]

Five Hurt When Out-of-Control Car Rams into Residence

A local crash highlights what can happen in out-of-the ordinary of car accidents. A pair of BMWs speeding during daytime spiraled out of control, with one smashing into a San Jose home, critically injuring a mother and burying her daughter in the rubble of what used to be their kitchen. Three people in one of […]

Hitting a Nerve

Every movement you make and every step you take is orchestrated by the incredibly complex system of nerves running through your body.  Originating at the brain stem, these nerves determine how we feel our body, how we feel pain, and how we move from moment to moment.  Whether because of an injury or a complication […]

What is the Difference Between Survivor Actions and Wrongful Death?

When someone is killed because of another person’s actions, they and their loved ones have several options for legal recourse.  The details of the circumstances surrounding the death set the stage for what those options are.  Two possibilities are Survivor Actions or Wrongful Death cases.  The difference between these two actions can be confusing, but […]

Innocent Riders

We usually talk about car accidents in a straightforward way.  From exchanging insurance information to figuring out who is at fault.  However, what if you are a  passenger who is hurt in a car accident?  You obviously cannot be held liable as the driver can be (unless you were distracting the driver), but what steps […]

What Happens When an Uninsured Driver Hits You?

If you have just been in an accident, you probably know that the first thing you should do, besides calling the police, is to exchange insurance information with the other driver.  What happens if the other driver doesn’t have insurance?  How about if they have insurance, but not enough to cover the damage they have […]

Be Careful What You Say to Your Insurance

Immediately after an accident, your emotions may be running high as adrenaline pumps through your veins and as you assess the damage done to your car. This moment is not the time to speak to your insurance agent.  After calling the police, getting the other driver’s insurance information, and taking photographs of any damage your […]

Why You Must Act Quickly After an Injury

Too often, we see cases of people who have been injured and who have a legitimate insurance claim lose their chance for compensation.  Why are so many people falling through the cracks?  This is simply because there is a strict limit on the amount of time after an injury that you can file a claim. […]

When Drunk Drivers Strike

After an evening hanging out with friends at a bar in Los Angeles, Phillip Moreno, 31, was crossing the street.  Those were to be his last steps.  51 year-old Sherri Wilkins, whose blood alcohol level was later found to be twice the legal level, careened down the street, smashing into Moreno so forcefully that he […]


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