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Who Is At Fault For a Car Accident When There Was Nobody Driving?

Now that Google is developing and testing driverless cars, the California Department of Motor Vehicles is scrambling to draft new regulations to handle the questions raised by the new technology. Driverless cars use sophisticated recording software to allow the vehicle to drive itself. The technology may open up great new possibilities in giving blind people […]

What is Dram Shop Law?

Summer holiday weekends, like Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend, are always popular times for barbecues and other events. Unfortunately, they are also times when more drunk drivers are on the road. For California bars and restaurants, this is usually a great weekend for business, justifying the expense of a full liquor license […]

Five Hurt When Out-of-Control Car Rams into Residence

A local crash highlights what can happen in out-of-the ordinary of car accidents. A pair of BMWs speeding during daytime spiraled out of control, with one smashing into a San Jose home, critically injuring a mother and burying her daughter in the rubble of what used to be their kitchen. Three people in one of […]


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