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When a Tree Falls At a Summer Camp, Who is Responsible?

A tragic accident happened on July 3 — a camp counselor was killed when a tree fell on her.  Annais Rittenberg was an art instructor at Camp Tawonga, a sleepaway camp located in Tuolumne County, outside of Groveland and near Highway 120 and Yosemite National Park. She was outside the dining hall on Wednesday morning […]

Television Actress Claims She Was Disfigured and Disabled in a Tour Bus Accident

Twenty-year-old actress and pop singer Miranda Cosgrove has filed a personal injury lawsuit stemming from the 2011 traffic crash of her tour bus in Illinois. The star of TV’s iCarly and her mother claim they were “disfigured and disabled” because of the accident, which occurred when their tour bus struck a tractor-trailer that had overturned […]

What is Dram Shop Law?

Summer holiday weekends, like Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend, are always popular times for barbecues and other events. Unfortunately, they are also times when more drunk drivers are on the road. For California bars and restaurants, this is usually a great weekend for business, justifying the expense of a full liquor license […]

Five Hurt When Out-of-Control Car Rams into Residence

A local crash highlights what can happen in out-of-the ordinary of car accidents. A pair of BMWs speeding during daytime spiraled out of control, with one smashing into a San Jose home, critically injuring a mother and burying her daughter in the rubble of what used to be their kitchen. Three people in one of […]

Why You Must Act Quickly After an Injury

Too often, we see cases of people who have been injured and who have a legitimate insurance claim lose their chance for compensation.  Why are so many people falling through the cracks?  This is simply because there is a strict limit on the amount of time after an injury that you can file a claim. […]

When Drunk Drivers Strike

After an evening hanging out with friends at a bar in Los Angeles, Phillip Moreno, 31, was crossing the street.  Those were to be his last steps.  51 year-old Sherri Wilkins, whose blood alcohol level was later found to be twice the legal level, careened down the street, smashing into Moreno so forcefully that he […]

The Case that Steamed Up America

You might have heard about the woman who sued McDonalds because the coffee she purchased was too hot.  You probably heard it in the context of a joke about the state of American litigation, or as a complaint about our society’s rush to use the courts to make money.  What you may not know are […]

Some Cases Must Be Fought: Your Right to Safety

Many of us are taught to be polite, considerate, and to defer to others’ well-being.  This is a great attitude to have in day-to-day life, especially as such courtesy becomes harder to find, but it can be a dangerous attitude to have when it comes to litigation and personal injury lawsuits.  There are several scenarios […]


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