Television Actress Claims She Was Disfigured and Disabled in a Tour Bus Accident

Twenty-year-old actress and pop singer Miranda Cosgrove has filed a personal injury lawsuit stemming from the 2011 traffic crash of her tour bus in Illinois. The star of TV’s iCarly and her mother claim they were “disfigured and disabled” because of the accident, which occurred when their tour bus struck a tractor-trailer that had overturned and was lying across the highway. The young actress was reported to have suffered a broken ankle, forcing her to cancel the rest of her tour. In the federal lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege both the tour bus and tractor-trailer’s driver were at fault for operating their respective vehicles in an unsafe manner.

Disfigurement injuries can be both physically and psychologically damaging

Many physical injuries can occur because of a car accident. A disfigurement injury can be especially devastating, because it includes both a physical and psychological dimension. The physical aspects of the injury can include amputation, scarring, skin discoloration and raised patches from shattered glass that is embedded beneath the skin. The psychological aspects include loss of enjoyment of life, embarrassment, anxiety and depression.

Disfigurement injuries affect different people in different ways

Disfigurement injuries are also often misunderstood and undervalued by insurance company adjusters because the effects of the injury are so personal and vary depending on each person’s particular lifestyle. The severity of a disfigurement injury often depends on the person’s age, gender, occupation, marital status and lifestyle. For example, a large scar on the shoulder might be more devastating to a young model than a middle-aged construction supervisor. The location where you live may also be important. In California, with its warm weather and beautiful beaches, a disfigurement injury may be more likely to affect your lifestyle than it would if you lived in an area with a different climate.

If you are disfigured in a car accident, you should take the following steps to document how the injury affects you:

  • Take photographs of the injury, both immediately after the accident and over time.  Depending on the type of disfigurement, you may need to have a professional photographer take the pictures to ensure the photographs accurately depict the injury.
  • Write a diary of your experiences following the accident, including what recreational and social activities you skip because of the disfigurement.
  • Seek both medical and professional physiological treatment even if you think you “can handle it.”

An experienced California car accident attorney knows how emotionally difficult a disfigurement injury can be. We also know how to present your situation to the insurance companies evaluating your claim and, if need be, to a jury in a court action. We offer a free consultation to discuss your personal story and how we can help.

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