The Danger of a Dog Attack: Pit Bull Mix Types

In September, a two-year-old Colton boy was fatally mauled by pit bull mix dogs. In early October, a pit bull mix dog attacked two children before a neighbor fatally shot the dog. In late October in Antioch, four adults and two dogs were attacked by two pit bull mix dogs. While all dogs can bite, pit bulls seem to do more damage and make more headlines than most other breeds.

Although referred to as pit bull dogs, pit bull mix dogs are not a breed. Historically bred for fighting, they were once carefully socialized to control their aggression and make them loyal family pets.

Present-day pit bull mixes are a product of backyard breeding programs that create dogs without standards of temperament or physical build. Crosses between bulldogs, terriers and boxers produce muscular, active dogs prone to aggression.

Factors likely to trigger any dog to attack include:

  • Lacking socialization and discipline during upbringing
  • Failing to sterilize
  • Being a male dog
  • Tethering a dog to a stake for long periods of time
  • Having multiple dogs, especially pit bull types

California law states that dog owners are strictly liable for damage done by their animals. In addition to the protections afforded to dog bite victims under state law, Riverside County recently enacted breed-specific legislation requiring all pit bull mix dogs in unincorporated areas of the county to be sterilized. While this measure is a step toward the problem with pit bull mixes, some say it does not go far enough in requiring the same for all dogs.

All dogs have the potential to be dangerous. If you have a dog, socialize your animal. If you are bitten by a dog, seek immediate medical attention and speak with a reputable California injury attorney in San Jose to protect your right to compensation for your injury and losses.

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