There May Be More to Your Worksite Injury

If you’ve been hurt at work you are not alone in your struggle. Nearly three million Americans were hurt at their workplace in 2011 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Filing for workers compensation benefits on top of trying to recover from your work injury  can be overwhelming.

You may feel relieved just to get any financial help at all from your insurance, but many people don’t know that sometimes a workplace injury may entitle you to more compensation than workers comp provides. Many workers who are hurt on the job have a strong personal injury case that they may not even be aware of.

For example, you may have a right to sue 3d parties who caused the work injury. If you were hit by a car while performing work related duties, you can sue the other driver. If there was another subcontractor on a construction site that caused a dangerous condition leading to your injury, you may have a separate claim.

The protections in place for California workers are extensive, but too many people are not aware of their rights. You need someone on your team who will fight for you to receive not just the bare minimum of workers comp, but the full justice that you are entitled to if you were hurt because of your employer’s negligence. Don’t miss your chance to file a third-party personal injury claim — call our office today.

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