What the Insurance Adjuster Most Wants to Know About Your Car Accident

On August 1, in Venice, CA, actress Jaime Lee Curtis was a passenger in a black SUV that was struck by a BMW. Ms. Curtis called both an ambulance and her friend Jodie Foster for help. The Silence of the Lambs star came out to the scene to support her friend while she waited for the ambulance to arrive.

Making a claim with the insurance company following an accident

While you don’t have Jodie Foster to call upon if you are injured in a car accident, you should call an ambulance and get checked out in a local hospital emergency room. Then follow up with your doctor for recommended treatment. You should also retain a California car accident attorney to file a bodily injury claim with the insurance company representing the driver that caused the crash. An insurance adjuster will investigate and determine the fault and extent of injuries. The adjuster may obtain witness statements, medical records and photographs of the vehicles involved. Typically the adjuster starts working before most people hire a lawyer. Often, the injured person says sometimes to the adjuster, or signs something that hurts his/her claim.

What else is the insurance adjuster looking for?

There are some additional things the adjuster will try to determine:

  • Time lost from work — Many people who are injured in an accident return to work out of economic necessity. They try to manage the pain and seek some accommodations from their employer. This can work against you, however, as the insurance adjuster looks at your return to work as a sign that your injuries are not that serious.
  • The amount of your medical expenses — This is taken as an indication of the severity of your injuries, despite the fact that some injuries require less treatment than others.
  • The damage to your vehicle — Insurance companies assess damage to your vehicle and, if the damage was not severe, may try to argue the accident could not have caused your injuries.
  • Previous accidents and injuries — The insurance adjuster will check your claims history to see if you suffered any previous injuries to the part of the body that is injured. Insurance companies report all claims to a national database, and check that database whenever a new claim is received.

An experienced California car accident attorney can dispel the assertions of an adjuster and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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