When Drunk Drivers Strike

After an evening hanging out with friends at a bar in Los Angeles, Phillip Moreno, 31, was crossing the street.  Those were to be his last steps.  51 year-old Sherri Wilkins, whose blood alcohol level was later found to be twice the legal level, careened down the street, smashing into Moreno so forcefully that he became embedded in her windshield.  Drunk and panicking, Wilkins drove a further 2 miles before bystanders who saw Moreno in the windshield forced her to stop.  She now faces charges of manslaughter while Moreno’s family and friends are forced to face a world without their loved one.

What’s even sadder is how common drunk driving deaths are, both nationwide and in California.  In 2010, drivers who were under the influence killed almost 2,000 people.  This is just a fraction of the more than 24,000 people who were injured by such drivers.

There are some great social resources available to those who have been victims of drunk driving.  Whether you or someone you know was a victim, the California branch of Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, or, MADD provides a wealth of information and support. Sometimes though, emotional support is not enough, you need the services of an experienced lawyer to help you achieve not just compensation, but justice.

An injury is stressful enough; add to that a lawsuit and what was already a disaster can become a nightmare when it’s not handled properly.  Set yourself up for success by calling our skilled California personal injury law firm.  We know how difficult this time is for you, so we do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible.  At the same time, we do not hesitate to use our extensive experience to fight for you in your time of struggle.

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