Why California Motorcycle Accidents Are So Dangerous

A veteran San Diego police officer was seriously hurt while riding his motor cycle on Alpine Boulevard in San Diego. The California Highway Patrol reported that Detective James “Chappie” Hunter was off-duty when his motorcycle was cut off by a car driven by a teenage student driver, attempting a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle. As a result of the crash, the officer was thrown into the car’s windshield.

More motorcycles means more accidents

California has more registered motorcycle owners than any other state, with over 700,000 registered motorcycles in the state as of 2010. The prevalence of motorcycles on California highways means a greater chance of motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles. Accidents involving motorcycles and the larger vehicles with which they share the road often involve one driver failing to observe the other vehicle before it is too late.  For example, the ability of motorcycles to continue travelling while cars are stuck in traffic can result in a motorcycle being hit by a car changing lanes.

Factors that make motorcycles dangerous

Motorcycle accidents are often fatal or result in serious and debilitating injuries to the motorcycle’s operators and passengers. There are many factors which contribute to making motorcycle accidents so dangerous to its occupants, including:

  • The relative small size of the motorcycle makes it more likely that its operator will lose control when struck by a larger vehicle.
  • A motorcycle travelling at a high speed can easily be thrown out of control by even a slight impact.
  • The riders on a motorcycle are exposed so that the impact can be to their body directly.
  • A motorcyclist is also likely to be ejected from the bike and onto another vehicle or the pavement.
  • Motorcyclists who are not wearing a helmet are even less likely to survive a crash.

A motorcycle accident is not like any other accident. There are often issues specific to motorcycle accidents, like a false implication that you were at fault for the accident or there may not be sufficient health insurance for you to receive the medical treatment you need. It is important to have an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer at your side to work at getting you the help you need.

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